Dear Tech/Law/Society members past and present:

We invite you to submit a paper or panel for the 2020 Law & Society Meetings in Denver, Colorado. More information on the conference is here:

The deadline for submitting a proposal is November 6, 2019 and the submission portal will open soon. To submit a paper for the Tech/Law/Society CRN, please choose CRN 37 from the dropdown box in the Title Tab of your submission.

We are also here to help you organize thematic panels, find other panelists, and select discussants. Here’s a summary of our 2019 Tech/Law/Society happenings. Feel free to email us at any time to discuss your LSA options.

To stay updated on the Tech/Law/Society happenings at LSA 2020, please join our mailing list here. We will send reminders and updates as deadlines approach.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in sunny Denver.

Sincerely, Sarah Lageson, Rutgers University-Newark Chris Bates, UC-Irvine